Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My "Interesting" Day

Okay, so I know I haven't been the most dilligent in posting. Sorry for the three of you that read! So here is my update for my day yesterday. It was quite interesting to say the least.

So my day started out pretty normal yesterday: Kaitlyn (the girl I babysit) came first thing in the morning and the kids started to play while I tried to convince myself to do something productive. I started vacuuming upstairs when Kaitlyn came up crying. She promptly threw up on the floor saying she drank too much water! I had her sit in the bathroom while I cleaned her up and cleaned up the floor to make sure she was done. She seemed to be feeling fine afterward, so I let her go play and made a phone call to her mom. Her mom told me to let her know how she was after 30 minutes, and after the time frame Kaitlyn was just fine, so she stayed.

I got done vacuuming and Haden came up to tell me that Shay cut her hair! I ran downstairs to find hair all over the front room and my couches with holes in them! She had cut her hair up to her chin on one side! When I asked her why she did it she said that she wanted a haircut. Well we had a talk about who really cuts hair and who doesn't. With the couches, she said she was sorry in such a casual way that I didn't believe her. After looking at her hair a bit closer, I told her we will have to get it all cut off. She panicked! "Like a boy?" she said. "Yes, like a boy," I told her. I think that statement was enough of a punishment for her! She started to cry and say she didn't want her hair like a boy. "You shouldn't have cut it then!" I said. So after picking up as much hair as she could and sitting in time out for a while, she seemed to be truly sorry about cutting her hair, but not about the couches.

After I calmed down I decided I really did need to get the pictures on the computer from Halloween and post them. I took out my memory card from the camera, put it in the computer, and nothing happened. I pulled it out and put it back in a few times, but still nothing happened. So I opened the 'my computer' to open the files that way. The memory card wasn't even coming up. Now I figure my drive is broken. I don't know how it happened, but it did and I am sad! So no pictures for a while for you.

After scouts and Clint came home, Shay and I rushed to the nearest salon that was still open (it was five by this time). I asked if they could fit her in because of an emergency. Fortunately they did. And I thank the girl who did it, because she was the last one out and was called by home twice to find out where she was. She really did stay late for us! Shay was very meloncoly through the entire cut, but as soon as it was done she was very happy about it! She looked in the mirror and said, "See, Mom, that wasn't so bad!" Yeah, not for her! Later when she was telling Nana about the incident, Nana asked if her hair was cute. Her response? "Yes! it's very cute!" I have a feeling this won't be the last time she cuts her own hair!

So there is my day in a nutshell. I know it isn't as interesting as Phil and Tiffany's can be, but it was definitely an upheavel for me!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exciting News!!!

Congrats to my baby sister, Kim! She has found someone to spend the rest of her life and beyond with! Jared Iverson will be inducted into our family on December 17th, 2009 after being sealed to Kim for time and all eternity in the Logan Temple! Congratulations you two! We hope your life together will be full of love and adventure!

I also need to announce the birth of a new nephew! Jacob Mark Purcell was born to Phil and Tiffany Purcell on August 8th! I know it is a bit late, but he is cute and very welcome just the same! Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Jake!

Haden's Adventurous First Week of School

Being two blocks from the school, I walk Haden to and from kindergarten. I talked to him several time as to where to meet me, I showed him where to meet me, and I had him repeat where he was to meet me many times. So much to my surprise when I went to pick him up from his first day of school, he was gone! I found his teacher and inquired as to where he may be, she didn't know. I walked around the playground thinking he would be playing or hidding. He was gone. I talked to the secretary and she paged him. Still no Haden. In a panic, my mind began racing as to where he would be. I thought that because you can literally see our home from the school, he walked. So I went home to see if that was the case. Still no Haden.

Running back to the school they called the buses to see if by chance he got on a bus. No response. At this point I am wondering how in the world the teachers could have let him go missing!! He is a kindergartener on his first day! Aren't they suppose to keep them in view at all times?? Now please understand that my son is not the type that sits still and does what he is suppose to. He is an explorer and is not afraid of going off on his own. Do understand that I took this into consideration as my panic rose.

I told the school I would walk around the outside of the building one more time before giving them my number and checking at home once more. Thankfully, by the time I got done with my walk (or run) and got back into the office, a kind bus driver had found him. He got on a bus thinking it would bring him home. We had a very big talk about that! I then realized that everything he knows about transportation to and from school involves buses. He sees it on TV, he hears the kids talk about it, and I even took the bus daily the past two years while I was going to school. We then had a talk about WHO rides the bus and why. He hasn't gotten on since.

Incident Number Two: Clint leaves for school at about 7:15. I have been getting out of bed about 8:00-8:30. Usually the kids are awake, and Clint is kind enough to put on a movie for them. Sometimes I really am awake, other times not so much! I know, I deserve a Mother of the Year award. On one of these days that I decided to sleep a bit longer I got a phone call. I did not hear the phone call because my phone decided to be on vibrate. I'm sure I did it, I don't remember doing it, and I usually double check before going to bed to make sure it isn't on vibrate. But it was and I missed a VERY important call!

I roll over at 8:30 to see I have a message. It was Haden's school saying he was in the office waiting for me to come and get him because he wasn't suppose to be there until the afternoon. This of course is a fact. He attends afternoon kindergarten. He decided he didn't want to wait until after lunch anymore to go to school. So he got up, got dressed, some food, and went to school without me knowing. As you probably have guessed based on the beginning of the week, I was not happy with him. I blew up. I think I scared him spitless! Well, at least he hasn't tried anything since. I just hope he doesn't try anything out of the ordinary again. I don't think I could handle it!

So a rocky start to a good thing! But life goes on, we learn, and now I make sure I am up before Clint leaves, and at the school before he gets a chance to run off. C'est la vie!

The Big Move

Much happened between my birthday and now. The biggest thing being that we moved. Clint took a job at Altamont High where he now teaches band and German. He loves it! He is hoping to take over the choir in the next year as well. It is everything he has ever wanted in a job! The move actually went very smoothly. Mostly because of my brilliance in packing and preparing! Our first trip was made mainly to get Haden registered for school. Because we were coming down anyway, we took our bed frames and anything else we could get in the cars.

Because of the lack of storage, a lot of our things were taken to the basement of my dad's office previously. Thank you Dad!!! Leaving us with only an hour of loading the truck on the morning of the move before we headed out. Of course by the time I actually got to Roosevelt (did I say we were actually in Roosevelt and not Altamont?) I already couldn't walk in my front room. A path was made from the front door to the back door. Please don't try to get anywhere else, because you would have failed!!! Fortunately because the bed frames were previously brought down and put together, we did have beds. Again, thank you Dad!!!

Now, everything is put away. We are painting the entire apartment, so there are no decorations, but it is clean most of the time, there is food on the table, and we are progressing!

The Promised Update

Okay so my update is not being done as soon as I would have liked, and I have not made as much progress on my place as I would like to brag about. Either way, I think my family and friends deserve a bit of information. Well, those don't already know and those that take the time to read. So let's start at the beginning (a very good place to start. Come one, you know you finished the phrase before I did)!

My amazing mother decided to throw me a birthday party. Well, it was a party for the kids that just happened to land on my birthday. Okay, it was a fantastic party!! With the kids in mind, the theme consisted of capes, competitions, and awesome music! Yes, super heroes do exist and they made themselves present in my home on August 10th of this year!

As the guests arrived they were stripped of their secret identities and presented with new uniforms made by super designer Kim and Nana. These capes allowed all super heroes to shed away all inhibitions about their true abilities. Food was consumed at remarkable speed, balls were kept in the air for large amounts of time, and furniture was taken apart and hauled away by the strongest of the strong!

I loved it! I had so much fun watching the kids play and spending the day with family and friends. Thank you, Mom, for planning a party for me that was truly for the kids. It makes it much more fun!!!

P.S. The picture at the beginning of the post is of Tan Girl and Bom (Kim and her now fiance Jared)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Really, really, Quick!

Okay, so I have been really bad about getting things on this, but I promise there is a HUGE update coming! We are moving tomorrow to Roosevelt for the next stage of our lives! Clint got a job teaching band and German at Altamont High and he starts next week. So once we get everything back together I will get more posted.

Monday, June 29, 2009